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A man in a blue patterned shirt and khaki shorts is fishing on a pristine, white sandy beach under a clear blue sky. He stands facing the ocean, with two fishing rods planted in the sand nearby. The turquoise waves gently roll onto the shore, and the distant coastline with green hills is visible across the water

La innovación no es sólo una palabra de moda para nosotros; es el corazón de todo lo que hacemos. Exploramos constantemente nuevas formas de aplicar datos geoespaciales para soluciones del mundo real.

Brindamos a nuestros clientes el poder de transformar sus operaciones y procesos de toma de decisiones con lo último en tecnología de datos geoespaciales e imágenes satelitales.

Al asociarse con AVANT, las empresas y organizaciones no sólo obtienen una ventaja competitiva sino que también contribuyen a un futuro sostenible, aprovechando información precisa y actualizada para impulsar el progreso y la innovación.

Excelencia operativa

Creemos en utilizar nuestra tecnología para el bien. Esto significa no sólo mejorar la comprensión y las capacidades humanas, sino hacerlo de una manera que promueva la gestión ambiental y el desarrollo sostenible.

Líderes de la industria, agencias gubernamentales y organizaciones sin fines de lucro de todo el mundo confían en nuestras soluciones para brindar información confiable, oportuna y procesable.


Si bien nuestro alcance es global, adaptamos nuestras soluciones para satisfacer las necesidades locales, asegurando que nuestro impacto se sienta donde más se necesita.

Two men in blue rain jackets are seen on a traditional waka (canoe) blowing conch shells. They appear focused and solemn, participating in a cultural or ceremonial activity. The background is overcast, with misty and rainy weather, giving a sense of being at sea in challenging conditions. The waka's wooden structure and ropes are visible, along with a buoy attached to the side


Conocer al equipo

Fundada por un equipo de expertos apasionados en tecnología satelital, ciencia de datos y conservación ambiental, AVANT se ha convertido en un proveedor líder de soluciones geoespaciales avanzadas en todo el mundo.



Josh es el fundador y "jefe de los piratas espaciales".

Profile Image of Founder and Managing Director Josh McKenty


Mac es el "padrino" de la visión por computadora en Nueva Zelanda.

Profile Photo of Chief Technology Officer Mac Jones


Tāmati encabeza nuestro equipo de relaciones con Asia Pacífico.

Profile photo of General Manager Ivan Tava

An Acknowlegement

Avant is located in Whangārei-te-rerenga-parāoa (the gathering place of whales) because the harbour was a gathering place for chiefs. We stand as Tangata Te Tiriti, deeply committed to a tuakana relationship with Māori as tangata whenua.


Our ethos is rooted in a profound respect for Kaitiakitanga and the sanctity of the mauri within the whenua and its people. Recognising Māori as the original guardians of this land, we are privileged to share and cohabitate in this space, committing our AI technological advancements to protect, uplift, and harmonise with the natural environment and its indigenous heritage.

Each project we embark on is a testament to our dedication to preserving the integrity of the environment, ensuring that our innovations contribute positively to the mauri of the whenua and uphold the values and aspirations of the tangata whenua.


Where technology and tradition intersect, we forge a path forward that respects the deep connections between land, people, and technology.

Avant Global uses technology to advance human understanding and promote sustainable development. Our AI solutions are trusted by industry leaders, government agencies, and non-profits worldwide. We provide reliable, timely, and actionable insights that help organisations make better decisions and drive progress. While we operate globally, our solutions are tailored to meet local needs, ensuring our impact is significant where it matters most. By partnering with Avant, businesses and organisations not only gain a competitive edge but also contribute to a sustainable future. Who We Are Founded by experts in satellite technology, data science, and strategic consultation, Avant Global has grown into a leading AI solutions provider in the Pacific. Our executive team includes: Josh McKenty, Founder: Known as the "Chief Space Pirate," Josh is the visionary behind Avant Global. Mac Jones, CTO: The "Godfather" of computer vision in New Zealand, Mac leads our technology initiatives. Ivan Tava, GM: As General Manager, Ivan oversees our operations. Our team's expertise drives our mission to deliver cutting-edge AI solutions and innovative technology. Commitment to Māori and the Environment Avant Global is based in Whangārei-te-rerenga-parāoa, historically significant as a gathering place for chiefs. We are committed to a tuakana relationship with Māori as tangata whenua and uphold the values of Kaitiakitanga. We respect the mauri within the whenua and its people, recognising Māori as the original guardians of this land. Our AI advancements aim to protect and harmonise with the natural environment and its indigenous heritage. Each project reflects our dedication to preserving the environment's integrity and supporting the aspirations of tangata whenua. We strive to blend technology and tradition, respecting the deep connections between land, people, and innovation. Stay Updated with the Latest News and Tech Updates Subscribe to our newsletter to be the first to receive the latest news and updates from Avant Global. Stay informed about new developments and innovations in AI technology.

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About Avant

Avant started up in early 2023 when the AI revolution enabled practical application to the real world.

Today, we have rounded up the best AI experts around the world, to deliver custom-developed AI projects to organisations and businesses.

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