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Análisis de imágenes inteligente para guiar sus decisiones


Información basada en precisión

La plataforma Avant Geospatial está diseñada para procesar datos geoespaciales complejos, ofreciendo información de alta precisión para la toma de decisiones estratégicas. Aprovechando algoritmos avanzados, nuestra plataforma facilita un análisis eficiente y confiable, crucial para el desarrollo de políticas y la estrategia comercial.

Soluciones Integrales de Observación de la Tierra

Ofrecemos un conjunto de servicios de análisis que transforman las imágenes satelitales en inteligencia procesable. Diseñadas para profesionales de la planificación urbana, la gestión ambiental y los sectores comerciales estratégicos, nuestras soluciones brindan a los usuarios los datos necesarios para tomar decisiones informadas. Contáctenos para paquetes de servicios personalizados y opciones de precios, incluidas herramientas de visualización dinámica.

Two workers in safety gear, including helmets and vests, are examining a tablet on a construction site with heavy machinery and mountains in the background

Promoción del desarrollo ecológico

Avant Geospatial utiliza tecnologías de imágenes de vanguardia, incluidos datos multiespectrales e hiperespectrales, para respaldar iniciativas de desarrollo sostenible. Nuestros conocimientos ayudan en el monitoreo ambiental, la optimización agrícola y la planificación urbana, contribuyendo a reducir la huella ambiental y aumentar la eficiencia operativa. Explore nuestras ofertas de servicios para soluciones sostenibles a precios competitivos.

Two men are seated at a wooden table inside a room. One man, wearing a high-visibility jacket, is listening attentively to the other, who is wearing a black jacket and cap



A man and a woman are inspecting grapevines in a vineyard during a sunset. They are focused on the plants, with green leaves surrounding them. The background shows hills and a warm, golden light

Información en tiempo real para acción inmediata

Nuestra plataforma proporciona análisis geoespaciales en tiempo real, lo que permite a las partes interesadas adaptarse rápidamente a los cambios ambientales, operativos y de mercado.

Análisis de próxima generación
+ Integración de interfaz de usuario personalizada

Avant ofrece una opción personalizada de análisis y gestión de datos. Escalable y puede adaptarse a sus necesidades específicas.

A group of three people in a work environment, wearing safety vests and helmets, are smiling and talking. They appear to be in a factory or industrial setting

Consultation and Advice Adopting AI technology can be complex and daunting. Our AI consultation services simplify this process, offering expert advice and strategic insights to help you make informed decisions about AI integration. We guide you through every step, ensuring you understand the benefits and implications of AI for your business. Strategic AI Planning We help you develop a clear and actionable AI strategy that aligns with your business objectives. Our consultants work closely with your team to identify opportunities where AI can add the most value, ensuring the strategy is both practical and aligned with your company’s long-term goals. AI Readiness Assessment Before diving into AI, it is crucial to understand your organisation's readiness. We assess your existing processes, systems, and workforce capabilities to determine how AI can be integrated smoothly and effectively. This assessment helps in identifying the areas that need improvement to facilitate a seamless AI adoption. Customised Expertise Every business is unique, and a one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t work with AI. Our services are highly customised, ensuring that the advice and strategies we provide are directly applicable to your specific business context. We tailor our recommendations to meet your unique needs and challenges. In-Depth Industry Knowledge Our consultants are not only experts in AI but also have deep industry-specific knowledge. This allows us to offer insights that are technically sound and highly relevant to your field. Whether you are in construction, agriculture, or any other sector, our industry knowledge ensures that our AI strategies are practical and effective. Stay Updated with the Latest News and Tech Updates Be the first to receive the latest news and tech updates from Avant Global. Subscribe to our newsletter to stay informed about new developments and innovations in AI technology.

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