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AI Training for  Communities

Working with Local Training Organisations
Non-Profit Community Training Support
Iwi and Youth Community Data Protection

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This initiative equips residents with high-demand technology skills, enhancing job prospects and fostering a tech-savvy community.

Enhanced Community Tech Skills

Non-profits can serve their communities more effectively, using data-driven strategies to maximise impact and resource allocation.

Empowered Non-Profit Sector

Our programs include specialised AI training for indigenous groups and young people, respecting cultural contexts and focusing on future opportunities.

Indigenous and Youth Tech Empowerment

Training community trainers ensures that knowledge is not only received but also passed on, creating a multiplier effect.

Sustainable Knowledge Transfer

As community members and leaders become proficient in AI, they can initiate local projects and start-ups that address specific community needs.

Community-Driven Innovation

Equipping communities with AI skills prepares them for the future, making them resilient in the face of technological changes and economic shifts.

Long-Term Technological Resilience

We Work to Develop our Local Community in the Tech Space

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Avant is a network of best-in field AI experts. Touch base with us and book in a quick catch up.

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