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How the Tech Works

Avant simplifies the complex world of satellite image measurement and reporting. By aggregating data from leading geospatial imaging companies worldwide, we streamline this vast information into a single, user-friendly platform.

Here's how we do it:

Forest Fire Detection of Christchurch Forest Fires by Satellite Imager Analysis
1. Image Location Scan

Location is scanned either on schedule or on demand

Simple illustration of a satellite sending a signal to a location marker on the ground
2. AI Data Analysis and Storage

Data sets are analysed and stored locally in your region

Simple illustration of a computer monitor with an eye symbol on the screen, representing observation or monitoring
3. Notification and Reporting

Single, easy-to-use User Interface all in one place

Simple illustration of a smartphone displaying a map with a location pin, representing GPS or location services
4. Custom/Scalable UI & Reporting

Incorporate all API data as well as Satellite images, Add/remove features

Simple line drawing of two stacked building blocks, resembling interlocking toy bricks, symbolizing construction or building concepts

What You Get

Get access to the latest satellite imagery as it becomes available, allowing for immediate analysis and decision-making.

Real-Time Imaging

Reduce manual efforts with automated reporting features, providing you with timely insights without the hassle.

Automated Reporting

Close-up view of a laptop screen displaying a satellite imagery analysis application. The interface shows a map of San Francisco, California, with options for different dates and imagery data
Tailor our analytics to your needs, whether for agricultural, urban planning, or environmental monitoring projects.

Custom Analytics

Stay updated with automatic notifications, ensuring you're always informed of critical changes or updates.

Text/Email Notifications

Unique Features Avant Delivers

We help you navigate the complex landscape of satellite imagery and geospatial data analysis. With transparent pricing on all client bundles, we ensure you get exactly what you need without any surprises.

Data Stored Locally with Amazon Web Services

We ensure your data is securely stored in local AWS facilities, providing fast, compliant access to your information.

Access to the most up to date imaging technology

Avant provides unparalleled access to the latest satellite data imaging technology, keeping you ahead in the industry.

Single user interface, incorporating all your data

Our platform offers a unified interface, seamlessly incorporating all your geospatial data for streamlined analysis.

Access to science institutes for new tech development

We partner with leading science institutes, offering you the benefit of cutting-edge technological advancements.

A satellite image showing a landscape divided into green and brown sections, with two tractors working the fields and birds flying overhead

Whether you need regular updates or instant data access, our services cater to your schedule.

Scheduled Reporting

Use our integrated web-based user interface, or integrate into your own software.

Real-Time Dashboards

Tailor our services to fit your immediate needs, with the flexibility to request data as your project demands evolve.

On-Demand Requests

Seamlessly integrate Avant's capabilities into your existing systems with our comprehensive API, offering custom reports.

API Integration

Custom Report Options

A satellite image showing a coastal area with three docked ships and a long bridge extending over the water. The shore features a mix of vegetation and construction sites

Smart Satellite Imaging on Demand

Scheduled or On-Demand Imaging Available

Choose between scheduled imaging for consistent monitoring or opt for on-demand requests to address immediate needs. Our flexible service caters to various project timelines and urgency levels, ensuring you always have access to the data you require, when you require it.

A satellite image of a complex highway interchange with multiple overpasses and underpasses. Surrounding the interchange are buildings, green spaces, and areas with autumn-colored trees
A satellite image of a curving highway with cars driving in both directions. The highway is surrounded by dense green vegetation
Our Key Partners
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