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AI Jobs at Avant

A young female environmental scientist in waders stands in a lush, green forest river, intently examining data on a handheld device. She is conducting field research, surrounded by vibrant foliage and clear flowing water, reflecting a serene and natural workspace

Contribute to Cutting-Edge AI Projects on a Global Scale

We are all about leveraging AI to drive meaningful innovation across various sectors. Avant is looking the the world's best AI professionals who want to put their super powers to good use and actually change stuff.

What We're Looking For

At Avant, we're on the lookout for top-tier talent to help us push the boundaries of what AI can achieve. There are key roles we’re always looking out for, each requiring a unique blend of skills and passion.


If you excel in these areas and are ready to contribute to projects that make a real difference, we’d love to hear from you.

Senior Machine Learning Specialists

We need seasoned experts who are proficient in Python, TensorFlow, and PyTorch. You should be capable of leading teams and turning complex data into smart solutions that drive decision-making.

Computer Vision Specialists

Join us to develop cutting-edge computer vision technologies. You'll need strong experience with OpenCV and real-time processing, and the ability to craft systems that help machines understand and interact with the visual world.

Front End Software Developers

We're on the hunt for developers who can create seamless user experiences. If you're skilled in JavaScript, React, or Angular and have a passion for building responsive, intuitive interfaces, let's chat.

Your Opportunity to Make an Impact

Are you a top AI talent in New Zealand? If you have the skills and the drive, we’d love to hear from you. At Avant, you'll find a supportive environment where you can use your expertise to make a real-world difference.
Drop us a line in the form below.
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Expressions of Interest

Our Work Culture

Our team is composed of dedicated AI professionals who are not only at the top of their field but are also deeply committed to using AI to make a positive, lasting impact in the world. We offer opportunities for exceptional individuals who are driven by a desire to do great work for great reasons.

With a strong cultural influence from our diverse Avant family, our approach to work life is based on respect, collaboration, and a no-nonsense attitude towards achieving our goals. We offer flexible working conditions because we believe in supporting our team's wellbeing and balancing professional commitments with enjoying family life.

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