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Underwater view of a whale breaching the surface, representing industry advantages with satellite image analysis for maritime navigation, fisheries management, and environmental monitoring

Marine Industry Advantages with Satellite Image Analysis

Maritime Navigation and Safety
Sustainable Fisheries Management
Environmental Monitoring
Port and Shipping Operations

Side-by-side comparison of standard and false-color satellite images of a coastal region, highlighting differences in vegetation, land use, and water bodies
Color-coded map showing global ocean chlorophyll concentration around Europe, highlighting areas of high and low chlorophyll levels for oceanographic analysis
Satellite images showing four instances of likely and potential maritime rendezvous: pair trawling, AIS signal turned off, two unidentified boats tied along a cargo vessel, and an unidentified boat tied to a refueling vessel

Leverage satellite-derived nautical charts and real-time data to enhance maritime navigation, ensuring safer passage through busy or hazardous waters.

Precision Navigation

Utilise oceanographic data from satellites to identify fertile fishing zones, monitor marine biodiversity, and implement quotas that prevent overfishing, supporting sustainable fisheries.

Fisheries Management

Monitor coastal zones for changes due to erosion, land reclamation, or sea-level rise, informing coastal management and development planning to mitigate risk and protect ecosystems.

Coastal Erosion and Usage

Detect and track oil spills, algal blooms, and other pollutants with high-resolution imagery and spectral analysis, enabling rapid response to minimise environmental damage.

Marine Pollution Detection

Assess the effects of climate change on marine environments, including sea temperature variations and melting ice, aiding in global climate strategies and marine conservation efforts.

Climate Impact Assessment

Improve port efficiency with satellite monitoring of cargo movements, vessel traffic, and infrastructure use, streamlining operations and enhancing logistic chains.

Port Management and Logistics

Applications and Uses

Imaging Examples

AVANT Geospatial Solutions equips the marine industry with sophisticated satellite imagery and analytics, enabling strategic operations, environmental stewardship, and resource management.

Satellite images depicting whale detection with a scale indicating distances in meters, ranging from 0 to 20 meters
Satellite Hyperspectral image analysis
Abstract visual representation of maritime routes, depicted in a neon blue color against a dark background, showing intricate patterns of interconnected paths over a vast area
Satellite image showing the submerged foundation of a large pier construction project along the coastline, with highlighted sections indicating the construction area
Geospatial Image Analysis Example
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