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AI Software Projects & Case Studies

Avant works with a range of industries and clients to deliver the most advanced AI solutions. We are extremely proud of the work we do, and the clients we get to work with.

Below is a brief overview of some of the more recent projects we have been working on.

Featured Projects and Case Studies Avant Launches "Abby" – New Zealand's First Business Accounting Automation Platform We are thrilled to introduce "Abby," New Zealand's first business accounting automation platform. "Abby" streamlines accounting processes, making it easier for businesses to manage their finances efficiently. This platform showcases our commitment to delivering advanced AI solutions that address real-world business challenges. Farmland Moisture Detection for Irrigation Automation – São Paulo, Brazil In São Paulo, Brazil, we have implemented AI-driven solutions for farmland moisture detection to automate irrigation processes. Using false-color satellite imagery, we highlight variations in moisture levels, enabling precise and efficient irrigation. This project helps farmers optimise water usage, promoting sustainable agriculture. AI Vegetation Identification and Automated Forest Monitoring – New Zealand Our AI technology is used for vegetation identification and automated forest monitoring across New Zealand. By analysing forest landscapes, our solutions help in maintaining and protecting natural resources. This initiative supports environmental conservation efforts and enhances forest management practices. Invasive Deer Detection Using Remote Cameras – Northland Regional Council, New Zealand In collaboration with the Northland Regional Council, we have deployed remote cameras to detect invasive deer species. This automated wildlife monitoring technology assists in managing and controlling invasive species, protecting local ecosystems and biodiversity. Christchurch Fires Hot Spot Detection and Monitoring – New Zealand We use satellite imagery to detect and monitor fire hotspots in Christchurch, New Zealand. Our technology identifies high-risk areas, enabling timely interventions and improving fire management strategies. This project underscores our commitment to enhancing safety and preparedness in urban and rural areas. Kaitaia Digital Hub Hosts Avant for AI Community Workshop – New Zealand We conducted an AI community workshop at the Kaitaia Digital Hub, featuring interactive discussions and presentations. These workshops are part of our ongoing efforts to educate and engage local communities about the benefits and applications of AI technology.

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