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An aerial view of a construction site featuring various construction equipment, materials, and structures in different stages of development

Satellite Analysis for 
Engineering and Land Management

Project Planning Accuracy
Risk Identification
Sustainable Practices Support
Process Efficiency

detailed topographical representation of the city, highlighting various structures and land features.
A set of satellite images showcasing two mining sites. The top row (labeled 'b') displays a mining area in two views: the left image shows the site without any overlays, and the right image highlights the same site with a purple overlay indicating the extent of the mining area
A side-by-side comparison of two satellite images depicting a mountainous region. The left image is in false-color, showcasing the terrain with vibrant green, red, and blue hues.

Employ satellite imagery for evaluating site conditions, including topography and access routes, to determine suitability for projects, ensuring informed site choice.

Site Evaluation

Use remote sensing to track infrastructure conditions, identifying potential issues in roads, bridges, and buildings for maintenance or repair.

Infrastructure Health Monitoring

Leverage satellite data for environmental impact assessments, evaluating how projects affect local ecosystems to guide planning and compliance.

Environmental Assessments

Apply geospatial insights to urban planning, using data on land use, zoning, and environmental factors to make strategic development decisions.

Urban and Land Development

AVANT's satellite imagery and analytics swiftly pinpoint potential mining sites by identifying geological markers of mineral deposits. This streamlines exploration, saving time and resources while accelerating project initiation.

Exploration and Site Identification

Use AVANT's remote sensing to continuously monitor the environmental impact of mining, ensuring compliance with regulations. Accurate, up-to-date data supports sustainable practices and legal adherence.

Environmental and Regulatory Compliance

Applications and Uses

Imaging Examples

AVANT Geospatial Solutions equips civil engineering and land management professionals, with precise satellite imagery and data analytics.

A topographic map with vibrant, rainbow-colored concentric lines indicating elevation changes, featuring yellow triangles and a blue lake at the center
3D satellite image of a mining site with a colorful digital terrain model (DTM) beneath, showcasing elevation data in shades of blue, green, and yellow
Hyperspectral Satellite Image of Forest, identifying individual tree species with AI analysis and detection
Satellite thermal image of a mine in Africa showing measured evaporation differences with blue and yellow areas indicating varying evaporation rates
Satellite image of a mining site showing velocity data with colored dots indicating movement rates in millimeters per year, overlaid on the terrain
AI Satellite Image Data Scanning rivers and Farmland
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