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Meet the

Avant is a network of exceptional leaders in AI, software and governance space.
We are so extremely proud of the talent and ethos that all our team have to making better communities with technology.

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International Broker

Tāmati Norman

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International Relationship Liason

Rhonda Kite ONZM

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Head of Machine Learning

Jake Wu

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Front End Lead Developer

Jordi Llonch

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Junior Developer

Jasper Miller Waugh

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General Manager

Ivan Tava

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Chief Technology Officer

Mac Jones

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Founder, Managing Director

Josh McKenty

Touch Base

Two children watch a pair of whales swim paste their boat with amazement
Honesty and sincerity is easier said than done. We are accountable to our staff, transparent with clients and ensure that we deliver what we say we will.


We protect the data IP soverignty of our clients, our communities, and of the people of our indigenous lands. We are guardians of IP in this new digital age.

IP Soverignty

We are very clear on projects we will, and will not work on. The drive of Avant is to better our environeent, by providing tools to give her a fighting chance.

Environmental Guardianship

We reinvest into our community youth. Specifically, we work with our local communities to develop talent sets that align with our technology and client demand.

Local Youth and Community Growth

What We Stand For

AI Jobs in New Zealand

Are you an exceptional AI talent based in New Zealand (are a resident of NZ or a current working visa), then please touch base. We are looking for Aotearoa's top AI machine learning and software experts in the country.
So if that's you... then we'd love to talk.
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