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Native New Zealand Bird nesting in native bush


Biodiversity Protection
Illegal Activity Detection
Climate Change Analysis
Water Resources Management

An animated satellite image showing the detection of gray seals on a coastline. The animation highlights a section of the coastline labeled "Gray Seals," demonstrating the use of satellite technology for identifying and tracking wildlife species from a bird's-eye view
A satellite image demonstrating the detection of caribou across a rugged landscape. The image is marked with red and green dots representing individual caribou, scattered across the terrain. The background shows a mix of rocky and grassy areas, with natural land features highlighted by the detection markers

Geospatial imaging enables the continuous monitoring of natural habitats, helping conservationists track changes in vegetation, land use, and habitat fragmentation over time to assess the impact of human activities.

Habitat Monitoring

By analysing changes in land cover, ice caps, and sea levels, geospatial imaging provides valuable data on the impacts of climate change, guiding mitigation and adaptation strategies.

Climate Change Analysis

Geospatial data is used to monitor water bodies, assess water quality, and manage water resources effectively, ensuring sustainable practices in water use and helping to prevent water-related conflicts.

Water Resources Management

We identify and monitor "dark vessels" by satellite, automatically identifying illegal fishing boats who don't transmit their location or identification.

Illegal Fishing, "Dark Vessel" Detection

Satellite and aerial imagery can identify and monitor biodiversity hotspots, allowing for targeted conservation strategies to protect endangered species and their ecosystems.

Biodiversity Protection

By identifying areas where invasive species are thriving, geospatial imaging helps in devising control strategies that minimise ecological damage and support the restoration of native species.

Invasive Species Tracking

Environmental Protection with AI Image Analysis

Imaging Examples

AVANT Geospatial Solutions supports environmental conservation efforts worldwide, with sophisticated satellite imagery and analytics, enabling strategic operations, environmental stewardship, and resource management.

An aerial view showing a large whale stranded on a sandy beach. The whale lies motionless as waves gently wash over its body. The scene captures the vastness of the beach and the surrounding ocean water, highlighting the tragic and isolated nature of the whale's situation
Hyperspectral Image Species Detection
Geospatial Image Anlaysis with AI of species habitat
AI Deer Species detection software with target marks
Satellite Image High Resolution Photography
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